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About Ms. Sam's Day Care

Professional Day Care, NO Baby Sitting

Ms. Sam's Family Day Care Is...


Not a baby sitting service!


Not a large day care center where your child may not get the attention you wish...........


Ms. Sam's offers a stimulating curriculum for kids of all ages.  As a licensed family day care provider, with nearly twenty years of continuous service, Ms. Sam's first year alumni are now entering college!


Ms. Sam's has always operated via "Word Of Mouth" promotion, and a great deal of our clients have enrolled several, if not all, of their children at Ms. Sam's Day Care.


Ms. Sam, President of the BCFCCA, is very active in the Baltimore County Family Child Care Association, (BCFCCA) and attends other county association meetings, and the State Of Maryland day care meetings and annual conference.

 Ms. Sam's
Family Day Care 

     To enroll your child at Ms. Sam's, or, if you have general questions about Family Day Care. Please call 410-788-3079 or 240-355-8070 for more information.


     Or, if you'd like to email Ms. Sam's, it's

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